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Beginners  (No Riding/No Driving Experience)

Basic Safety Riding Course

  • This program is designed for individuals with Zero Knowledge on PROPER and SAFE motorcycle riding. This is likewise ideal for those who want to further enhance their riding skills by learning safety techniques on low speed balance, turning, throttle control and braking.

Basic Safety Driving Course

  • This program is designed to develop the proper safety mindset and driving proficiency that are relevant in today’s road and traffic conditions. Employing the Participatory Approach, the learner acquires full understanding of driver limitations, vehicle characteristics, environmental conditions – and how these affect driving safety.


No Riding/No Driving Experience

Refresher Course  (With Previous Riding/Driving Experience)
  1. Intermediate Courses
    This program is designed for individuals who want to Re-Learn driving with Safety Techniques as focal point. Participants undergo various dangerous situations in a Safe and Controlled environment in order to further enrich working knowledge and experience.
    1. Motorcycle Intermediate Course
    2. Automobile Intermediate Course.

  2. Certification Course
    These are validation programs which test the safety aptitude, driving knowledge and skills of the participant. Criteria used are at par with international traffic standards.
    1. Motorcycle Skills Certification
    2. Automobile Skills
    3. Truck Skills Certification

  3. Clinic Course
    These courses are designed to equip “fleet” drivers with essential yet practical techniques on efficiency driving and proper risk management while on the road. These will help organizations address the impact of high fleet management cost to business – in terms of improving cost efficiency and work productivity through driver education.
    1. Fleet Safety Riding Clinic
    2. Fleet Safety Driving Clinic

Refresher Course

With Previous Riding/Driving Experience

  1. Safety Seminars
    These courses are designed for awareness of Safe Road User and specifically designed to address the growing concern of companies about the impact of management cost to business, in terms of efficiency inside the road.
    1. Safety Riding Seminar
    2. Safety Driving Seminar
    3. Pedestrian Safety Seminar

  2. Teen Smart
    This programtarget teenagers of pre-licensing age (ages 14 to 16 years old) in preparation for their roles as responsible drivers of the future. This taps the YOUTH to be effective partner in the task of nation building thru good citizenship. This is also designed to effect values formation amongst future drivers and peace and order advocates.

  3. Ayatori
    Honda’s campaign for road safety and welfare extends far beyond rider education. This program is geared toward the promotion of safety and environmental awareness among school children, ages 7 to 12 years old, as contribution to the values formation of the youth.




  1. New Students
    1. Must obtain at least a valid Student’s Permit or Driver’s License
      a. For students of Motorcycle course : Driver’s License with Restriction Code 1
      b. For students of Automobile course : Driver’s License with Restriction 2 and / or 3
    2. Two (2) pieces of 1 x 1 ID picture
    3. Duly accomplished registration form to be sent on this email:
    4. Payment for Training fees
  2. Rules and Regulations
    1. Pets are only allowed in the designated areas such as Smoking areas and parking lots.  Furthermore, pet owner has the full responsibility of cleaning their pets’ mess.
    2. The Center is a NO SMOKING facility. However, there are designated areas where smoking will be permitted.
    3. The Learner shall not attend any lesson or training while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and shall not be permitted to consume the same during any lesson or training session, and any such default fees will not be refunded.
    4. The Center is authorized to refuse or discontinue a lesson or training session if it is of the view that the Learner is physically-unfit or is suffering from any infectious and/or communicable disease/s, which may endanger the safety, health, or lives of the Learner, other Learners, the instructor, the Center’s employees or any member of the general public.
    5. Learner must be in proper and decent attire when attending classroom and practical sessions. For safety reasons, high-heeled shoes and sandals are not allowed during practical training. For motorcycle students: long-sleeved shirt, long pants and closed shoes or boots are required.
    6. The Learner is aware that he has to schedule and book his own training sessions at two (2) weeks before the preferred schedule to ensure availability of instructors and training vehicles.
    7. Learner agrees that his companion (if any) will not be permitted by the Center to board the training vehicle at any given time during the practical training.
    8. Course enrolment has no expiration. However, if there has been a two-month gap from the last stage attended, it is compulsory for the learner to undergo a skill validation of his previous stages before allowing him to continue the training.  If he failed, instructor(s) are authorized to discontinue the training session and will instruct the learner to go back to the lower stages.  Moreover, they may continue the training if the learner passed the validation.
  3. Payment Policy (Cash, Instalment, EPS, Credit Card)
    1. Payment must be settled first before securing training schedules. The learner has the option to pay the enrolment fee either in full or instalment. For cash/full payment, learner is entitled to a one (1) free session (100-minute). For instalment basis, learner must pay 50% of the enrolment fee as down payment and the remaining balance shall be settled on the second day his scheduled classes.
    2. The Center accepts payment in cash, EPS, credit cards (VISA/MASTERCARD) and dated checks.
    3. All fees are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.
  4. Policy


    1. Learners are required to book personally at least two (2) weeks before their preferred schedule.
    2.  Learners will be contacted by the Center’s CS Staff to confirm booking three days before the actual schedule.
    3. Learners may re-schedule previous booking if this is to be made at least two (2) days before the preferred schedule.
    4. In cases of cancellation within the two (2) day grace period or a no-show, the Learner will not demand any refunds or free extensions under any circumstances whatsoever.
    5. Booking, re-booking and cancellations may be done via phone, Center’s website or e-mail. The Center’s date of receipt and acknowledgment will be deemed as the reckoning date.
    6. The Center may re-schedule in conformity with the learner’s availability in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.


    1. The Learner agrees to secure or renew his valid student’s permit or drivers’ license in order to continue his training with the Center
    2. The Learner understands that the Center does not facilitate application of students permit and driver’s license with the Land Transportation Office (LTO).
    3. No learner will be allowed to undergo public road driving without presenting first his valid student’s permit or driver’s license to the attending instructor – each time and every time.


  • Mondays to Saturdays
  • Selected Sundays
  • Session 1 - 08:25 - 10:05
  • Session 2 - 10:20 - 12:00
  • Session 3 - 13:00 - 14:40
  • Session 4 - 14:55 - 16:30
  • Session 5 - 17:35 - 19:15
  • Session 6 - 19:30 - 21:10

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