1. Where can I buy a Honda Motorcycle?

    There are over 600 exclusive Honda Dealers nationwide offering Honda's wide range of motorcycles.  You can easily find one near you by clicking on this LINK for the list of our accredited dealers.

  2. How can I find an accredited dealer with available stock of the motorcycle I want?

    Honda motorcycles are always in high demand so it would be great to get your hands on one the soonest!  Your best option would be to get in touch with a few Honda dealers near you so you can find one with an available stock of your dream motorcycle.  Here's the LINK to our list of dealers you can call

  3. What is the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for the motorcycle I want to get.

    Honda offers its motorcycles at reasonable prices while maintaning the high quality of its products.  For the SRP of our motorcycles and their specifications, you may click on this LINK.

    Please take note however, that actual prices may vary per dealer.  So we suggest that you get in touch with a few  DEALERS and compare their offers so you can find a deal that would be best for you!

  4. Do the dealers offer Honda motorcycles in cash or in installment basis? What are the requirements if I want to buy a Honda motorcycle?

    You can avail of your dream Honda motorcycle either through cash or installment basis.  Payment terms and requirements vary per dealer but the most common documentary requirements may include:
      - Two (2) Valid Goverment IDs
      - Driver's License
    For installment transactions, proof of billing, a proof of income and/or other documentary requirements may also be requested depending on the selling dealer

  5. There are great Honda Bikes available in other countries. Will they be realeased locally?

    It's the goal of Honda Philippines to offer a wide range of Honda motorcycles that would meet the needs and lifestyle of Pinoy riders.  Be the first to know about our latest news on product launch and more by following us on Facebook and Instagram

  6. I bought a Honda motorcycle and noticed Free Service Coupons included in the Owner's Manual. How do I use it?

    For commuter bikes, the Free Service Coupons are used for the first three (3) standard Preventive Maintenance Services of your motorcycle within its first year.  By using the coupons, your  maintenance service fee will be FREE and you only need to pay for the parts and engine oil that will be used during the service.

    The Free Service Coupons are valid on the following schedules:
    Coupon 1          500 kms. - 2,000 kms.           3 months
    Coupon 2          2,001 kms. - 6,000 kms.        7 months
    Coupon 3          6,001 kms. - 12,000 kms.     12 months
       * from Purchase Date (or whichever comes first)

    On the other hand, Big Big Bikes have five (5) free service coupons you can use so you can avail free service fee on the maintenance schedules mentioned below.  At the same time, selected maintenance parts and engine oil shall also be covered by the Free Service Coupon as per standard schedule of replacement.
    Free Service Coupons for Honda Big BIke Coupons are valid on  the following schedules:
    Coupon 1            500 kms. - 2,000 kms.
    Coupon 2            2,001 kms. - 7,000 kms.
    Coupon 3            7,001 kms. - 13,000 kms.
    Coupon 4            13,0001 kms. - 19,000 kms.
    Coupon 5            19,0001 kms. - 25,000 kms.
       * from Purchase Date

    Free Service Coupons (FSC) enable you to keep track of the condition of your motorcycle, hence, we highly recommend that you follow the above mentioned schedule of each FSC. By doing so, you are assured of having a well-maintained motorcycle.

    You can avail your Free Service Coupons from any of our accredited DEALERS nationwide.

  7. Where can I buy Honda Genuine Parts

    All Exclusive Honda Dealers nationwide also offer Honda Genuine Parts.  Honda Philippines recommends the use of genuine parts to ensure its compatibility with your Honda motorcycle.  To inquire about parts availability and prices, here's a LINK to the list of our accredited dealers so you may reach out to any of the ones nearest you.

  8. What services are being offered by the Honda Safety Driving Center

    Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) was established as part of Honda Philippines commitment to make our roads safer for everyone. It is the FIRST world class training facility in the country which aims to reduce the number of road traffic accidents by offering safety driving and riding courses to Pinoy drivers and riders.

    For more information about the Honda Safety Driving Center courses and contact information,  please click on this LINK.