Tanauan, Batangas—December 22,2020— Christmas is just around the corner! Despite this year's celebration being different, the tradition of gift-giving will be the one thing that will not change. 

Thinking of gifts to give your loved ones usually boils down to what they will love. However, with the "new normal," it may be better to give them a more helpful gift, especially something of value -for instance, a mode of transportation that can provide convenience amid the new normal. And what better way than to invest in a motorcycle. 



According to Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country, motorcycles can be a perfect gift to our loved ones as it is useful, convenient, and relevant to our current situation and here are the reasons why: 

It is definitely worth its value. Usually, motorcycles may seem an odd choice to give as a gift since gift-giving depends on a specific plan. However, when you think about it, motorcycles are one of the most reasonably priced long-term gifts you can give to your loved ones since maintenance and fuel price for the vehicle costs less.

It provides riders an easy commute. Motorcycles also make for an easier commute. If drivers live in the city, they can cut through the vehicles sitting in traffic. With its increased maneuverability, a motorcycle's run through traffic will be faster, more enjoyable, and more rewarding than being stuck in traffic.

You are giving them a long-term investment. One significant benefit that motorcycles offer is that it is a long-lasting vehicle, making it incredibly sensible and convenient for the rider. You are not giving your loved ones a one-time use product, but you are equipping them with a tool that they can use for years to come and maybe even longer when properly taken care of.

You are giving an environment-friendly gift. One surprising fact about motorcycles is that it is more environmentally friendly than other vehicles since it uses less oil and produces fewer carbon emissions. Therefore, riders get fresh air while driving, and they get to know they are contributing to cleaner air at the same time. You are not only giving your loved ones a gift but also protecting the environment.

Christmas has always been about spreading joy and love for our families and friends, and others around us. That is why giving your loved ones a gift that you can use amid the current pandemic can help them feel relief and joy this year, as well as the assurance of convenience even for the coming years ahead. 

HPI has dedicated its services to creating a wide array of motorcycles for Filipinos to have a useful and convenient means of commuting and innovating motorcycles for your specific needs. 

The Genio,for instance, is dedicated to modern Filipinas looking for an innovative and stylish ride equipped with smart technology and smart enhanced power. It is also available in chic variants, such as Ross White with Red Stripes and Ross White with Blue Stripes and is now available at all of Honda's dealerships with a suggested retail price of PHP72,900.

For those looking for new cutting-edge rides, there is also The All-New AirBlade150, equipped with cutting-edge features, such as Smart Key, Power Socket for recharging devices and smartphones, and a front-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to prevent wheels from locking up.

This cutting-edge motorcycle comes in three unique colors--Matte Galaxy Black Metallic, Candy Caribbean Blue Sea, and Candy Ross Red—and is available at all Honda's dealerships with a suggested retail price of PHP109,000.

The Supra GTR150, on the other hand, is for those who need fast and reliable motorcycles. It is equipped with a 6-Speed DOHC 4-Valve Liquid-Cooled Engine for maximum performance, great handling, and better fuel efficiency of 42 km/liter when riding on highways. Its riders can enjoy the ride in two color variants: The Valiant Red and Black with a suggested retail price of Php102,900.00, available at all Honda's dealerships.

For HPI, every Filipinos deserve a fast, reliable, and convenient rides to travel and beat the adversities amid these uncertain times. This mindset is in line with its "ONE DREAM" campaign, which aims to fulfill every rider's dream through the joy of mobility provided by motorcycles.

Explore more from Honda and its wide array of motorcycles. For more details about Honda products and promos, visit our website at www.hondaph.com and follow us on Facebook, Honda Philippines, Inc., and Instagram, @hondaph_mc. You can also contact us through our landline number, (02)-8581-6700 to 6799, and mobile number, 0917-884-6632.

Looking for ways to safely travel and shop gifts before the Holidays? Watch out for our next article on why motorcycles are the perfect tools to beat the holiday rush.

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