Tensions are high, it’s a battle of the mind at Round 5



Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC), Batangas – September 2, 2018

When have the Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup riders become so competitive? It started with the idea to join during try outs, and now these riders are breaking ground and became conquerors at their own rights as evident in the improvement of their fastest time and consistency using their CBR150R.

In Round 1, the riders’ average fastest time was 2:09.213. However, in Round 2 the average was 2:08.192, which was 1.021 seconds faster than the previous round. And in round 5, the average fastest time was 2:06.395, which was 2.817 faster compared to Round 1. Sean Barcial, Jasper Cruz and Jakob Sablaya had the highest improvement in terms of their fastest time in comparison with Round 1 and Round 5 in the Batangas Racing Circuit, with 3.275 seconds, 3.272 seconds and 3.0 seconds, respectively.

Round 5 was a showdown not only of skills and talents but also a battle of the mind. At the qualifying round last September 1, 2018 rain poured down hard at BRC delaying the event. But as soon as the race track was declared safe by the race officials, it was an opportunity for the riders who want to take advantage of the weather condition. Everyone was cautious during the qualifying round, making the best time at 2:18.021 only by #7 Alfred Jakob Sablaya (P1). Rider #8 Andrei Samuel Reyes, #12 Jasper James Cruz, #10 Erika Ondillo took the chance to get their best time which paid off, landing them on P2, P3 and P4, respectively. On the other hand, surprisingly rider #6 Sean Barcial got the P5, while rider #1 Kervie Bergania got P6 as he did not feel well. Rider #2 Wyner Blente got P7, and rider #4 Sean Ondillo got P8.

Race 1, 9:40 a.m.

It was an action-packed, 8 Lap battle for Race 1, with cool sunny weather. As the green light was released, Sablaya took off clearly, leaving the group behind while Reyes, Cruz and Barcial were fighting their way on the first corner to catch up with Sablaya, which Barcial has successfully made on the 2nd lap. It was on the 3rd lap that Sablaya and Barcial have successfully broken off with the pack. In the remaining 5 laps, they were left on their own to battle for 1st place. Barcial was dominant on the corners, taking the lead while Sablaya was dominant on the straights. As the white flag was shown, it was clear to the 2 riders that it was a battle to the finish. Taking the 3.8 km track with high tensions, all eyes were on the 2 as everyone was cheering. At the Final corner, the 2 were not giving up, pushing their way to the finish. As the checked flag was raised, it was Sablaya who dominated Race 1, while Barcial took 2nd place with a margin of 0.069 seconds.

A 29-second gap separated Sablaya and Barcial from the 2nd pack that was battling for 3rd, which was composed of Reyes, Bergania, Blente and Cruz. As the group charged for the 6th lap, Bergania crashed on the 1st corner which paved the way for Reyes to take the lead, slicing between Blente and Cruz. The crowd couldn’t take their eyes off their favorite riders as they were too close to each other, a mere 0.084 seconds apart for 3rd place between Blente and Reyes. Reyes clinched the title for 3rd.

Race 2, 2:00 p.m.

It was an unpredictable weather condition as it rained hard at the circuit, making the race a 6 lap battle. As soon as the rain softened, it was an action packed race once again as the racers sliced their way on the 1st corner. The start was a battle between Sablaya and Barcial once more, both with more determination to win race 2, as Barcial showed his skill by taking on Sablaya on the corners and taking the lead in most of the laps. Sablaya was not taking the race easily as he charged on the track behind of Barcial. Sablaya diced through Barcial and took the opportunity to overtake for the lead position once more, and as the riders approached the checkered flag, Sablaya has once again taken the 1st Place and Barcial for 2nd place. On the other hand, Bergania was back again once more making sure his presence was felt. However, Reyes made sure that this will not bother his performance as he kept his pace in check and made sure his winning streak will not be taken. Finally, at end of the race, Reyes emerged victorious once more in a photo finish margin of 0.085 seconds.


Jakob Sablaya:

Masaya ako sa naging resulta ng Round 5, napaka importante ng nakuha kong points sa round 5 at dahil dito malapit ko nang makuha ang Championship. Sa laban namin ni Sean ay nagawa ko maging kalmado sa manibela. Yung Honda Racing Clinic ay malaking bagay sa akin dahil sa malaki ang na-improve sa aking skills at technique. Sa Round 6, mas masaya sana kung makaka-dikit sila Kervie, Andrei at Wyner para mas marami kaming naglalaban sa finish line.

Sean Barcial

“Sobrang ganda ng laban namin ni Jakob sa Round 5. Mas matulin kami ngayon pero talagang labanan na ito ng skills. Yung mga technique na naturo sa akin na-apply ko naman sa race naming. Na-enjoy ko talaga ang race na ito. Sa round 6 mas gagalingan ko at mas magiging maganda ang laban.

Andrei Reyes:

”Masaya ako sa naging resulta ko sa BRC ngayong weekend na ito. Sa Qualifying rounds nakuha ko ang P2. Sa Race 1 and Race 2 na parehas ko nakuha ng 3rd place, isang patunay ito na maganda and naging improvement ko kumpara sa mga Round 1 hanggang 4. Sa Tingin ko malaking tulong ang Honda Racing Clinic kasama si Coach Joey Rivero dahil na-apply ko and mga natutunan ko. Sa Round 6 mas excited na ako kasi ito na ang huling race ng Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup.”

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