Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup Riders Live the Thrill of Racing in Batangas Racing Circuit

JUNE 1, 2019


June 1-2 – Batangas Racing Circuit, Rosario, Batangas: Round 2 of Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup (HPDC) has commenced, wherein the HPDC is a step-up race program using the CBR150R motorcycles, designed for young Filipino riders to develop their skills, talent and prepare them for international racing.

June 1: Qualifying and Race 1

Qualifying Race, Rider #01 Jakob Sablaya has made strong P1 position as he clocked at 2:03.985, while Chino as rider #06 Chino Hung made a +1.266 sec. for P2 as he was trying to break away from #09 Ventinilla competing also for the front row but landed in P3 with a time of +1.33 from Chino. On the other hand, #07 Kokoy Mangibin, #05 Travys Paralejas and #02 Andrej Ondillo were trying to out-best each other during the qualifying, which composed the 2nd row, while #04 Nicol Lee and #03 Chad Mangulabnan, who were making a comeback has completed the grid of the HPDC.

Race 1, as the lights went off, riders gave the audience an exciting race as the 1st lap all riders were making a statement inside the track however, at Turn 1, #01 Sablaya, #09 Ventinilla and #06 Hung were able to break away from the pack as they pass at turn 3. It was a show of endurance and strong will for the 3 riders as they take on the full 8 laps. While the 2nd group was not so far behind as #05 Travys Paralejas was making also a show of force with #07 Kokoy Mangibin, but was able to take the front position from the group keeping the pace steady until the chequered flag.

The Race ends with Jakob Sablaya in the 1st Place, Marco Ventinilla in 2nd Place and Chino Hung in 3rd Place.

June 2: Race 2

After the result of Race 1, the riders were eager to make improvements in their ride and in their time. Race 2 was only 6 laps due to time adjustments made the race officials.

The same level of skills was shown by the riders #Jakob Sablaya (1st Place) the leading young rider of the Program gives a satisfying performance as he competed with Chino Hung (2nd Place)  and Marco Ventinilla until the latter slide off at Lap 5, making way for #04 Nicol Lee to take charge and get the 3rd place.

Overall results for the Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup are as follows:





Position Rider No. Name Best Time 2nd Best
1 01 Alfred Jakob Sablaya 2:03.985 2:05.109
2 09 Marco Gil Ventinilla 2:05.251 2:05.867
3 06 Carl James Hung 2:06.581 2:06.581
4 07 Christopher John Mangibin 2:07.696 2:07.990
5 05 Trahvys Lyanjoe Paralejas 2:08.798 2:10.381
6 02 Sean  Andrej Ondillo 2:08.960 2:09.008
7 04 Michael Nicol Lee 2:09.082 2:10.475
8 03 Charles Daniel Mangulabnan 2:19:069 2:19.379



Position Rider No. Name Total Time Best Time Diff.
1 01 Alfred Jakob Sablaya 16:45.101 2:04.851
2 09 Marco Gil Ventinilla 16:45.258 2:04.916 0.157
3 06 Carl James Hung 16:45.258 2:04.976 0.719
4 07 Christopher John Mangibin 17:03.553 2:06.018 18.452
5 05 Trahvys Lyanjoe Paralejas 17:17.165 2:08.774 32.064
6 04 Michael Nicol Lee 17:18.250 2:09.121 33.149
7 02 Sean  Andrej Ondillo 17:29.425 2:09.143 44.324
8 03 Charles Daniel Mangulabnan 18:35.409 2:18.560 1:50.308



Position Rider No. Name Total Time Best Time Diff.
1 01 Alfred Jakob Sablaya 12:30.874 2:04.805
2 06 Carl James Hung 12:48.108 2:07.345 17.234
3 04 Michael Nicol Lee 12:51.024 2:07.550 20.150
4 07 Christopher John Mangibin 12:54.048 2:07.319 23.174
5 02 Sean  Andrej Ondillo 12:56.628 2:08.266 25.754
6 05 Trahvys Lyanjoe Paralejas 13:44.027 2:07.248 1:13:153
7 03 Charles Daniel Mangulabnan 13:50.664 2:17.602 1:19.790
8 09 Marco Gil Ventinilla 14:04.295 2:04.711 1:33.421


Here is the overall standing of the riders:

The Sponsors continuously support this Program: Idemitsu, KTC Kyoto Tools, NGK Spark Plugs, NHK Helmet, Racing Boy, RK Takasago Chain, Threebond, Pirelli Tires, ARacer, Speedtek and Zero to Podium Racing School.

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