Training Courses

  1. Beginners ( No Riding - No Driving Experience)
    1. Basic Safety Riding Course
      This program is designed for individuals with Zero Knowledge on PROPER and SAFE motorcycle riding. This is likewise ideal for those who want to further enhance their riding skills by learning safety techniques on low speed balance, turning, throttle control and braking.
    2. Basic Safety Driving Course
      This program is designed to develop the proper safety mindset and driving proficiency that are relevant in today’s road and traffic conditions. Employing the Participatory Approach, the learner acquires full understanding of driver limitations, vehicle characteristics, environmental conditions – and how these affect driving safety.
  2. Refresher Courses (With Previous Riding – Driving Experience)
    1. Intermediate Courses
      This program is designed for individuals who want to Re-Learn driving with Safety Techniques as focal point. Participants undergo various dangerous situations in a Safe and Controlled environment in order to further enrich working knowledge and experience.
      1. Motorcycle Intermediate Course
      2. Automobile Intermediate Course.
    2. Certification Course
      These are validation programs which test the safety aptitude, driving knowledge and skills of the participant. Criteria used are at par with international traffic standards.
      1. Motorcycle Skills Certification
      2. Automobile Skills
      3. Truck Skills Certification
    3. Clinic Course
      These courses are designed to equip “fleet” drivers with essential yet practical techniques on efficiency driving and proper risk management while on the road. These will help organizations address the impact of high fleet management cost to business – in terms of improving cost efficiency and work productivity through driver education.
      1. Fleet Safety Riding Clinic
      2. Fleet Safety Driving Clinic
  3. Seminars
    1. Safety Seminars
      These courses are designed for awareness of Safe Road User and specifically designed to address the growing concern of companies about the impact of management cost to business, in terms of efficiency inside the road.
      1. Safety Riding Seminar
      2. Safety Driving Seminar
      3. Pedestrian Safety Seminar
    2. Teen Smart
      This programtarget teenagers of pre-licensing age (ages 14 to 16 years old) in preparation for their roles as responsible drivers of the future. This taps the YOUTH to be effective partner in the task of nation building thru good citizenship. This is also designed to effect values formation amongst future drivers and peace and order advocates.
    3. Ayatori
      Honda’s campaign for road safety and welfare extends far beyond rider education. This program is geared toward the promotion of safety and environmental awareness among school children, ages 7 to 12 years old, as contribution to the values formation of the youth.

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities / Offsite activities / Institutional Sales

Honda Safety Driving Center conducts safety talks and training courses to clubs, barangays, schools and universities all over the country. HSDC’s advocacy is to instil safety in everyone’s mind.

Business Operations & Class Schedule

Business Operations
  • Tuesdays to Saturdays
  • Selected Sundays


Class Schedule

Day Sessions:
Session 1 08:25 - 10:05
Session 2 10:20 - 12:00
Session 3 13:00 - 14:40
Session 4 14:55 - 16:30

Night Sessions:
Session 5 17:35 - 19:15
Session 6 19:30 - 21:10